Photo by  Capture Media .

Photo by Capture Media.


I was a young boy, sifting through the pages of Calvin & Hobbes and trying to draw the covers of each collection in watercolor. That little artist still lives inside me to this day.

I realized in high school, while visiting family friends in Huntington Beach, CA, that I wanted to pursue a career in the arts. I was developing my writing style in Creative Writing and always fiddled around with cameras. I was determined to attend film school and develop my skills further.

I attended the Radio-Television-Film program at the University of Texas at Austin, focusing on Film Production and Screenwriting. Intrigued by UT's satellite program on the West Coast, I ventured out to Los Angeles to get my feet wet in the industry. I soaked up everything I could at the premiere camera house company in the world, Panavision. I'm a gear nerd, so this place was like heaven to me. I enjoyed my time there, but my internship was up. I went back to school for one more semester, graduated, packed my bags for LA, and realized that while California was beautiful and intriguing, I missed my friends and family in Texas. I was committed to starting something from the ground up in my home state.

After figuring out that I was interested in creating and running my own television program, I applied to KJTV FOX-34 and became the Promotions Producer. I wanted to get to know the inner-workings of a television station. I learned most of what I know today due to that job. I developed my skills in writing, producing, directing, shooting, lighting, editing, motion graphics - you name it - I was ready to learn what I couldn't in school.

After a life-changing moment where I met my wife while playing in a band, we decided to move closer to her home in the DFW area. I landed a job at KERA as the On-Air Promotions Manager and have loved working there ever since.

My wife Paige and I married in 2017 (best day of my life). Having gone through the process of planning a wedding, I realized that I could also apply my knowledge and expertise to the wedding industry at a very affordable price (couldn't' believe what some people were charging!). I appreciate the art of capturing a relationship on its most momentous day, committing that event to film and molding a story to share with family and friends. 

In my spare time, I still enjoy producing and editing the occasional music video, writing, hanging out with my beautiful wife and puppies (Maggie & Django), and binging some awesome shows.